Why Charter? Treat Yourself!!

Hi my name is Henry, and I love to travel.  I love the idea that you can can set yourself free and go on an adventure.  Take the family and just go!

Personal charters can range from a simple or luxurious cars to a fancy jet.  Rent a boat or small yacht and have that dream get-away in Bora Bora you alwaysBora Bora At Night wanted.   Take a sleeper train and see all of Japan.

Or if your best mate is getting hitched, charter yourself a bus for the bachelor or bachelorette party on a moving, sight seeing adventure.

How about those weeks you have saved up at work for vacation time.  Take the family to a place you have never been to before, say Aruba, Tahiti, Bora Bora or the Bahama’s.

Let your imagination run Atlantis Sub in Arubawild.

There is really no other way I would rather travel then a personal charter.

Why, you ask?

I’ll answer that with these few questions.

1.  Do you like sitting in long lines?

2.  Do you like over crowed depots?

3.  Do you like over priced tickets?

4.  Do you like to be treated as just another sale?

If you said yes to just one of the questions above, then you are at the wrong site my fellow traveler.  Personal charters cater to you.  Yes You my friend.  Would you like to be treated like royalty, not just once but the whole time your traveling.  Tahiti huts and under water life

Let me tell you there is nothing more gratifying then walking out on the tar mac to see that jet you chartered for yourself with the pilot standing next to the plane’s entrance.

Are you ready for that dream vacation you’ve been aching to go on? I know I am, hope to see you there.

Always travel safe, and don’t forget to have fun!!!


Founder of Spot 4 Travel

Your Spot 4 Travel  “Treat Yourself”

email. henry@spot4travel.com

2 thoughts on “Why Charter? Treat Yourself!!

  1. Sounds so luxurious!! Possible to book anywhere/anytime? How far in advance is best to book? Your site is looking great by the way! It’s easy to follow and the images are beautiful!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes it is possible to book anywhere at anytime, great thing about chartering is you do not need wait. No worries about how far in advance, if you want to go, just point and click and schedule.

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