There are all kinds of jets you can charter now a days.  I will explain them all to you so thatPrivate Jet Interior , you are in the know.  Keep in mind that with luxury travel charters you will be able to ask for different types of interiors and styles.  Few passenger with extravagant layouts to very humble large passengers airliners.  It really all boils down to taste, style and how luxurious you want to travel.

The first and for most, the smallest jet is what is called a Piston aka: Cirrus Sr20.  Normally  seating 3 or 4 people depending on the layout, best rated for short trips, max flight distances being around 785 nautical miles [nm] (903 miles [m]).  A lotSmall Piston Jet of times the piston plane is referred to as the Air Taxi, again best rated for shorter flights.  A great plane to use if it is only you and a friend or loved one going on a special trip.   It travels at a cruise speed 150-155 knots [kt] on 12 gallons per hour of fuel through its six-cylinder 200hp (that is roughly 172-178 mph).

The next size up is called a turbo prop aka: Epic E1000.  The turbo prop plane is able to seat up to 6 passengers and travels around Epic E1000 Turbo Prop Plane1,650 nm,(1898 m) at a speed of around 325 knots ( 374 mph).  This size of a plane is best suited for medium length trips.  Great for taking a small family on a domestic vacation.  This quick jet once airborne only takes around 11 minutes to reach its max cruise altitude of 34,000 feet.  What a beauty!!

Going on up we have the light private jet aka: Cessna Citation CJ3 orCessna CJ3 Light Private Jet Hawker 400XPR.  They look almost similar however the distance varies, the Cessna has a flight distance of 1,875 nm (2157 m) at a speed of 417 kt (479 mph).  Hawker 400XPR Light private JetIts counter the Hawker 400XPR, takes the distance with a max range of 2,160 nm (2485 m) at an awesome speed of 465 kt (535 mph).  Both jets are able to seat 8-9 passengers, great for a small business or large family get-away.  Both are twin jet engine birds that will get you where you want to be in luxury and style.

The more the merrier, so the saying goes as we move on up to the mid-size private jet plane.  There are a few so I will only describe the
Cessna Citation Sovereign Mid size Private jetone that goes the farthest distance with the most passenger room. That my fellow travelers is a Cessna Citation Sovereign +.  This bad boy of the sky will go a max range of 3,000 nm (3452 m) at an amazing speed of 460 kt (529 mph).  This long rang cruise jet is also great for a small business or large family gathering with a seating for 12 passengers.

If you need a plane about the size of the the Cessna, the super-mid size private aka: Gulfstream G450.  This supper mid size giant Gulfstream G450 Super mid-size Private Jetof the sky holds 16 passengers.  The stats on this big guys is a max distance of 4,350 nm (5005 m) at a speed of 488 kt (561 mph) wow that’s fast.  This private jet is great for long range travel, and the interior of these planes are incredible.

On the the heavy hitters.  In my experience it is all in what you needif you want something this big and versatile.  Holding anywhere from 19 passengers up to 124.  The Embraer Lineage 1000E(19 pas.)Embraer Lineage 1000E Heavy Private Jet going the max distance of 4,600 nm (5293 m) at a speed of 472 kt (543 mph).  The Airbus ACJ319 (124 pas.)Airbus A C J 319 Heavy Private Jet going the max distance of 6,000 nm (6904 m) at a speed of 485 kt (558 mph).  It really all depends on what you want, with these large jets you have many different interiors you can select also depending on what your luxury travel needs.  A few people with a fancy interior to loads of passengers with minimal design.   Heavy private jet charters are long range fliers.

Depending on what luxury travel company you go with the helicopter will be; in my opinion the most spectacular luxury ride you will ever have.   TheSikorsky s 76d Sikorsky S-76Dis a 13 passenger marvel that will get you where you want in style.  Keeping in mind that you will go the max distance of 441 nm (507 m) at a speed of 155 kt (178 mph).  If you want or are looking for a smaller ride go with something like the AirbusEC135Airbus EC135 and with a passenger size of 4-6 cabin.  The max range of this chopper is 329 nm (378 m) at a speed of 136 kt (156 mph).  A little smaller and slower but more personable / intimate.




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