Comforts of Travel

Put coach aside & Travel in Style!!

Traveling can be fun, especially if you travel in style.  Walking on to a plane that is decked out with luxury couches, chairs, TV’s, a bed and so on is breathe taking.  Like walking into a luxury sweet or penthouse, only you’re on a jet, yacht, bus or limo.  How spectacular is that?


VIP and business jet interiorvip jet interior bedroom

Both of these pictures were found @, a manufacture of luxury interiors for jets.

The personal comforts of home at your fingertips; when you go on vacation or your dream get-away with that special someone in your life.  Sharing a moment like that brings one to the realization that you no longer have to settle for coach or to be treated just as another Joe Schmo.  You are amazing and you have the right to travel in style.


Strand Craft 122 Super Yacht 07Superyacht PEGASUS V (ex PRINCESS MARIANA) -  Swimming Pool

  Strand Craft 122 Super Yacht 07 (left)              Super-yacht PEGASUS V (right)

When you choose to go with private charters, you get to choose the style you want.  Say you are about to get married to the love of your life, and you want to treat her/him like the queen/king they really are.  Imagine you taking that person by the hand and walking them in to a private jet that is luxuriously decorated.  Beautiful scenery with in the jet.  He/she will be amazed at how you planned out the honeymoon.  What a journey that will be.

Bus (Party)

luxury bus interiorluxury bus interior

Googled images of bus interiors, left party bus, right luxury double decker bus.

Maybe you want to go on the water or stay on dry land.  Renting a small to large yacht might be your style.  Maybe you have a young adult that is about to graduate, and you want to treat him or her to an awesome grad night or even prom night.  There really is no limit of how or why.  Fret not my fellow traveler, you can have all of that in a boat or a bus or a stretched limo.  How nice would that be?

Don’t let yourself be limited by one mode of travel.  You may travel in luxury however you like.


Stretched Limo elegant Stretched Limo Party

It’s all right here on this website.  Above are some random pictures of luxurious interiors. These pictures are not the only options, depending on what travel company you choose, will determine how your trip will look.  These pictures only give you an idea of what is out there, the kind of interiors that are available in today’s luxury travel.

Have a fun and beautiful trip!!