Weekender Yachts

These slightly larger boats average in  at 9.5 m (31 ft) in length.  Another term for these lovely vessels is trailer sailors.  Having either twin keel or lifting keels to allow for trailer use, beaching or running in shallow waters.  The twin keel design is for the boat to sit upright in the absence of water such as low tide or beaching.

weekender interiorWeekenders are designed for short trips, not lasting more than 2-3 days.  These boats have a small simple cabin housing a single saloon and bed space for 2-4 people.  A side note if you please?  A saloon is often mis-spoken as salon; a place to take or have your drinks.  Settlers in the wild west often brought terms to the west from the east.  It is believed that this is where the term saloon came, for the inn’s that sold liqueur.  In the 1800’s, the father of the modern day catamarans and yachts design, a Mister Nathaniel Herreshoff; referred to this area as the living area.  (McGraw-Hill)

For smaller or larger boats please visit the Sailing Vessels Page.

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