Luxury Sailing Yacht

There isn’t much left to talk about in way of sailing yachts.  However, we can not forget about the biggest of the big when it comes to sailing,  That would be the luxury sailing yacht,  Vessels under this category span anywhere from 25 m (82 ft) to an amazing 90 m (295 ft).

Bad boys like these are decked out to the max, ranging from very simple design/interiors to sophisticated and luxurious.  I mean we are talking every thing including but not limited to AC, TV’s, C.C.E.W (Computer Controlled Electric Winches) for sails.  Oh and lets not forget about the dedicated power-generation system to run the C.C.E.W.  Such comforts like a hot water heater coupled with a pressurized water system.  Refrigerators and electric lights, G.P.S. and navigation equipment. 11-sailing_yacht_charter_hamilton_II_layout You will also commonly find that in these vessels you get an auto pilot feature along with echo sounding radar.  Powered by batteries that run off an auxiliary motors that run alternators for reusable energy.

These vessels are also able to travel thousands of miles for that dream vacation you always wanted.  Some charters give you the option of renting a crew to man such a vessel.

For more on other sailing yachts please visit the sailing vessels page or you can check out motored vessels if that’s more your style.


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