Day Cruisers

These vessels are small, averaging around 6 meters (m) (20 ft) or less.  a lot of times these yachts are called Dinghies,  Often they have retractable keels.  This is the main structural member and back bone of a ship or boat.  Made of either wood, metal or other stiff strong materials running longitudinally along the center of the bottom of the boat. Sailboat Diagram A vertical extension v-shaped and usually ballasted or weighted for stability.  Other terms are retractable or fixed, full keel, ballast keel, fin keel, bilge or centerboard.

Day cruisers may or may or may not have cabins, due to mainly being used hourly or daily.  Seldom used for overnight travel.  However, they may have a ‘cubby’ cabin to provide a storage place for equipment and personal items.  May often be used for shelter when the need arises, say harsh wind blow or storm.  Some depending on the brand will have a very small place for a toilet.

As there name goes, day cruisers are meant to be used for a short time period, if you are looking for something a little bigger with a cabin please check out the Weekender on the Sailing Vessels page.