Cruiser Sailing Yachts

This class or yachts are most common in private use or charters.  Measuring anywhere from 7-14 m (23-46 ft).  Vessels such as these more often then not are quite complex in design, due to the balance of easy to use ‘docile’ handling qualities to interior space and comfort as well as light wind performance.  Take for instance one of the most common/favored design shapes, the tear-drop platform hull, fine bow with a wide flat bottom and deep single fin style keel.

These types of yachts are mostly chosen by families, due to having several cabins, mostly a three double-berth cabin with a single large saloon and galley.cruiser interiror  A galley is not jut an old mid-eval ship propelled by oars but in the sense that I am referring to, it is the kitchen of the boat.  Then you have your seating an navigation equipment as well as a head or bathroom.  These cruiser yachts have plenty of storage space, this types of crafts are great for long voyages spanning thousands of miles.

If you want to know about the largest of the sailing yachts please go back to the sailing vessels page.

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