Airport Personalities!

5 Personality Types at Airports


A sign you will most likely see at an Airport while traveling via air.

When traveling, you are certain to meet different types of people at the airport.  Here at Spot 4 Travel, we want to share with you six personality types of travelers you meet at the airport while on your travels. The personalities are 1st-time travelers, Late Comers, Seasoned Traveller, Business Travelers,  and the Light Packers.  Enjoy!!

First Time Traveler

This personality will generally get swept up in the enthusiasm of their first flight experience. They may be sometimes clueless about certain

Beautiful sunset behind a Cessna aircraft.

elements regarding the flight (that is fine because it’s their first time and we’ve all been there); these are the travelers that ask a variety of inquiries.  Some also tend to get excited about random events relating to the flight.      They will or won’t get hysterical at every turbulence jolt and that they’re the only passengers paying any interest at safety briefing at the plane.  Those of us who have traveled understand this personality type just fine, seeing as how we all start in this category.


The Late Comers

These are the ones who are always late and never on time for a flight, making their names constantly announced a few minutes before departure. From time to time, they get left behind and on occasion they make the call, appearing all at once on the plane, looking stressed and/or panting and breathing heavily from having run all the way.

The Seasoned Traveler

Variety of personalities passing through the airport

These personality types are not fazed by anything; continuously and most splendidly mellow thru almost any event that takes place at some point of the flight.  Come turbulence or a clean flight, they’re rarely shaken.  This category of traveler will most likely be an older element say perhaps 45 or 50 and above) having been traveling for long trips or many trips. They’ve learned the artwork of calmness and enjoying the journey, as well as the vacation spot.

The Business Traveler

As the name indicates, these personality types are a set of travelers who are typically always in fit of some type, are smart with their gait and casually show their price ticket on the counter at the same time as on currently talking loudly as they try to appear more superior or noticed, always on the phone or computer making deals or checking emails.  Moving through the airport as if they knew every person within the airport and navigate the airport like It is their backyard.


The Light Packer

Those who tour to other continents with a tiny handbag or carry-on like a small suitcase with nothing to check in.  You sometimes examine them in awe and marvel if they are visiting or going to a sleepover with little need of anything more. Then, you wonder how on earth they do they whilst everything you have in a large suitcase that you checked in to their small carry-on.These personality types are usually men but do not think that some women carry lightly as well.

Traveling can be both fun and enjoyable or hated and frightening.  Let us all remember that we are all trying to get somewhere for some purpose, either on vacation, visiting loved ones, meeting new people and learning new cultures, running away or to someone or something.

My hope is that you travel safely and wisely.


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Another UK pub meetup, Glenn with Jacqueline meeting up with Venessa and Ian!
Darnley Arms Pub in Cobham, England is a great place for a fun afternoon to meetup according to Louis, Tim, Vanessa, Ian & Tristin.


Louise and Tim, along with world wanderer grandson Tristin are meeting up with Jacqueline and Glenn in Edinburg, Scotland in 2017
A Restaurant is a great place to meetup like in Merida, Mexico. Johanne and a Doug meeting Jan and Duncan in 2017.











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Comforts of Travel

Put coach aside & Travel in Style!!

Traveling can be fun, especially if you travel in style.  Walking on to a plane that is decked out with luxury couches, chairs, TV’s, a bed and so on is breathe taking.  Like walking into a luxury sweet or penthouse, only you’re on a jet, yacht, bus or limo.  How spectacular is that?


VIP and business jet interiorvip jet interior bedroom

Both of these pictures were found @, a manufacture of luxury interiors for jets.

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